Southend Mosque


Wider community activities

UKIM Southend Mosque is part of the Southend interfaith working group (SIWG).

The Southend Interfaith Working Group (SIWG), set up in 2012, is a partnership between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council,

local faith and belief groups.

The aim is to improve communication and facilitate faith groups’ to support the wider Southend-on-Sea community.

Local school children and scouts visit to Southend mosque to increase their religious awareness.

Imam Iftikhar also visits local schools and other community groups to enhance cultural and religious awareness.

Gift hamper given to westbourogh primary school 
Open Mosque Day

Mosque open days

Mosque open day is a regular event, happens twice a year. This event is part of UK wide open mosque day.

We always have support and presence of the Mayor of Southend Council and local MP for the day.

These events are well attended by the local community.   There is a question-answer session, small-group presentations, and poster presentations.

Day ends with lights refreshment, tea and coffee.

Mosque Open Day

Mosque Open Day

Gift hamper given to southend fire brigade

Gift hamper given to Essex Police Open Mosque Day

Mosque Open Day

Mosque Open Day

Local multifaith group visit

Mosque Open Day

Mosque Open Day