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nIKAH/mARRIAGE IN islam and uk Law

  • A Nikkah, in Islam, is a contract between a Husband and Wife and forms part of one of the stages in an Islamic marriage.
  • The Nikkah will involve the Husband and Wife signing a contract, which will be witnessed by the Wife’s Father or another male family member and a male from the Husband’s family.  
  • By signing the contract, the Wife will indicate her permission to the marriage. To complete the ceremony both the Husband and the Wife will verbally confirm they accept one another in marriage.
  • Under the UK law Religious ceremony Nikah is not recognise as legal marriage until it register with Registrar office.





  • Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
  • Marriage notice need to be given to the Imam/authorised person before the desired date.
  •  Notice MUST be given by the person who wishes to marry: it cannot be done by post or by someone else on their behalf.
  • Notice must be given in good time before the wedding. This must be AT LEAST 28 days before the intended date of marriage. Notice can be given up to ONE YEAR before the marriage date.
  • If one of the parties is subject to immigration control, they need to obtain additional documentation BEFORE they can give notice. This may be either a Marriage Visa or a Certificate of Approval issued by the Home office, and it may take some weeks.
  • To register your CIVIL marriage UKIM Southend MASJID you need to inform the registrar during your visit that you want the marriage solemnisation in UKIM Southend MASJID.
  • To register an Islamic marriage or CIVIL marriages in UKIM Southend MASJID follow these steps:

Giving Notice of Marriage/ Civil Partnership REGISTRAR OFFICE

  • Each party must give Notice in the Registration District where he/she has resided for at least 7 days before giving Notice (unless either party is a Foreign National, in which case Notice must be given at a Specialized Register Office).
  • Both Notices should be given at the same time; if different districts are involved, Notices should be given as close together as possible. The couple may need to attend a specialised notice together.
  • Notices must be given at least 28 clear days (but not more than 12 months) before the date of the ceremony. Please note, in cases involving visa documents or foreign divorce documents the Notice period may be significantly longer than 28 days.
  • If the couple are foreign nationals the notice period may be extended to 70 days, this is all dependent on the documents they have.
  • In addition to the above, notice should be given to the authorized person of the venue (UKIM Southend Mosque)
  • There is a fee of £35.00 each for giving notice (to be paid to the council/ Registration office) and a minimum of £100/ to UKIM Southend Mosque
  • You will be asked to provide certain documentary evidence at your appointment:
    • Birth certificate/ passport (other proof of identity/nationality may be acceptable, please contact the office for advice)
    • Proof of residence in district (e.g. council tax or utility bill, bank statement etc)
    • If previously married, proof of freedom to marry again (Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of late spouse) and a divorce/ Khula certificate to be given to the mosque
    • If you have legally changed your name, Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration
    • You may also need to provide a marriage visa or proof of settled status.

All documents must be originals; photocopies cannot be accepted. Any documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation. If either party does not speak English, he/she must be accompanied by an interpreter.


Issue of Superintendent’s Marriage/Civil Partnership Schedules

  • The Superintendent can issue the Schedule for the ceremony to take place once 28 days have elapsed since giving notice (although in cases involving visa documents or foreign divorce documents the Notice period may be extended by the General Register Office by up to 70 days).
  • The Schedule will state the place of the ceremony and date of the ceremony; it is, however valid for 12 months from the date of giving Notice so it is possible to change the date/time but not the place of the ceremony.
  • The schedule is usually issued to the couple, with the exception if the couple are foreign nationals and were referred to the Home Office.
  • Once the wedding has taken place the schedule should be returned to the Register Office. The marriage will be registered and if you then require a marriage certificate you can request this at

Register Office Opening Hours

For General Enquiries

Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.15pm.

The office is not open for enquiries on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

For giving Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership

Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership appointments can be booked during the above hours, subject to availability.

Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership appointments can be booked during the above hours, subject to availability.

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