Southend Mosque

What we teach

Our core aim:

To create a deep love for Islam in the hearts of our children, by teaching them the most important things about our religion and providing guidance to help them bring these teachings into their lives.


We prioritise transformation and God-consciousness (Taqwa) and provide guidance to help students bring these teachings into their lives. We do not encourage our students to rush their spiritual practices, rather we promote a focus on quality over quantity. We believe that it’s quality rather than quantity which leads to a deep and grounded understanding of Islam.

What we teach

We divide what we teach into three core categories:

  1. Reciting the Quran correctly
  2. Essential memorisation and translation
  3. Islamic studies (rulings, Islamic history, and character development)
Topic Resources we use
Reciting the Quran correctly Ahsanul Qawaid

Juz Amma with Tajweed rules

Safar Academy Tajweed rules

Safar Academy Complete Qaida

Tarteel AI Quran app

Memorisation and translation Safar Academy Memorisation book

Safar Academy Memorisation app

Islamic studies Safar Academy Islamic studies books


We do NOT have reading the whole Quran from beginning to end as a part of our syllabus as we believe this distracts students from the quality we’re working hard to achieve.