Southend Mosque

Attendance Policy

Welcome to our Madrasah! We are committed to providing the best ta’leem (education) and tarbiyyah (spiritual nurturing) to each and every student. Regular attendance and punctuality are crucial to ensuring a consistent and enriching learning experience. Here’s what you need to know about our attendance policy: 

Chapter 1: High Attendance 

Our mission is to maintain a high level of attendance (above 95%) for all pupils in our Madrasah. By attending regularly, students can enjoy the benefits of a structured and progressive education. 

Chapter 2: Attendance Records 

Tracking attendance is essential for monitoring progress. Our dedicated teachers diligently take attendance using simple codes to mark attendance, including A (Absent), P (Present), and L (Late). 

Chapter 3: Authorized Absences 

While regular attendance is encouraged, we understand that certain circumstances may require authorized absences. Absences can be authorized for various reasons, such as illness, pre-disposed conditions, hospitalization, family commitments, mourning, or terminal illness. To request an authorized absence, parents must use the holiday section of the Parents Portal by clicking on “Request Holiday.” We’re here to support students and their families through these challenging times. 

Chapter 4: Timeliness 

Being on time is crucial! Students must arrive at the Madrasah on time. Late arrivals will be monitored, and parents will be contacted if there is a consistent lapse in punctuality, as we believe in the importance of maintaining a punctual learning environment. 

Chapter 5: Communication 

Parents are encouraged to inform the Madrasah’s admin team via the Parents Portal if their child will be absent. Keeping us updated ensures clarity and prevents any confusion or misunderstandings. 

Chapter 6: Review Process 

In cases where evidence or explanation for absences is lacking, a review meeting may be scheduled between parents and the Head Teacher to address any concerns and find suitable solutions for the student’s attendance. 

Chapter 7: Holidays 

We understand that special occasions and family commitments may require term-time holidays. To ensure smooth planning and authorization, parents must request holidays through the designated section of the Parents Portal. By clicking on the “Request Holiday” button, parents can provide the necessary details and submit their holiday request. While every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, unauthorized absences during term time may result in non-refundable fees. 

Chapter 8: Incentives 

We encourage students through various initiatives, including star of the month recognition and attendance prizes. Those who achieve 100% attendance for the full school year will be celebrated at our annual prize giving assembly and/or celebration event. We value and recognize individual improvements as well. 

Epilogue: Our Ongoing Commitment 

At our Madrasah, we are committed to continuously improving and maintaining attendance and punctuality standards. As the Madrasah committee, we hold the responsibility to review and amend the rules and regulations as needed, ensuring a dynamic and supportive learning environment for all. 

May Allah bless us with the ability to adhere to these principles and embark on this journey with dedication and enthusiasm. Aameen.