Southend Mosque

Fees policy

FEES POLICY – Southend Mosque Madrasah  

Last Updated: May 2023 | Next Review: September 2023 

Introduction to the Fee Policy 

Alhamdulillah, Southend Mosque is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. The fees collected are used to cover the running costs and development of the madrasah, as we strive to provide quality education in the light of Islam. Any surplus generated is reinvested into the madrasah, fulfilling our commitment to continuous growth. Payments for the academic year are collected monthly from September to July, insha’Allah. 

Fee Structure 

Admission Fee 

As you embark on this sacred educational journey, we kindly request an admission fee of £30, insha’Allah. This fee covers administrative costs, as well as books and resources, enabling us to lay a strong foundation for your child’s Islamic growth. This will be payable online through the parents portal link 

Madrasah Fees 

Madrasah fees are collected through convenient monthly instalments. Together, month by month, we’ll pave the path of enlightenment and ensure your child’s continuous spiritual development. The total annual cost is £310 and we collect this from September – July. Below is a link to the parents portal through which payment must be made and fees can be viewed  

Other Charges 

On this blessed journey, we strive to provide all necessary books under the admission fee. However, there may be additional charges for madrasah trips, which are designed to enhance your child’s learning experience and provide practical exposure to Islamic teachings. We will notify you in advance of any such trips and associated costs, seeking your consent and participation for the benefit of your child’s holistic development. 

Late Payment and Direct Debit Cancellation 

In our shared commitment to the journey of education, we kindly request your cooperation in fulfilling the financial responsibilities on time. Timely payment ensures the smooth functioning of our madrasah and secures your child’s place, enabling them to benefit from the blessings of Islamic learning. 

If, unfortunately, a payment is missed or the direct debit is cancelled, it puts your child’s place at risk. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, but to maintain fairness and accommodate all eager learners, we kindly urge parents to prioritize timely payments, avoiding disruptions to their child’s educational journey. Please use the portal to contact our admin team for any queries.  

Notice to Withdraw from the Madrasah 

When it is time to transition to new endeavours, we humbly request that you provide a written notice of withdrawal to the Head Teacher, allowing us sufficient time, insha’Allah. For those leaving at the end of the academic year, please notify us before the madrasah closes for the summer break. Use the parents portal to send this message.  

Please note that our fee policy is guided by the wisdom and mercy of Allah. It is subject to review and may be revised periodically in line with the needs of our madrasah community and the pursuit of excellence in education. 

In our pursuit of knowledge and righteousness, we appreciate your trust and support. May Allah bless our students with success in this world and the hereafter, and may their educational journey be filled with joy and enlightenment.